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Takeaway Containers - Food Containers

Our cardboard takeaway containers are the ideal way to transport food easily. Made with high quality, durable materials, they're great for storing and transporting food without crushing or spilling it. They're the exo-friendly alternative to disposal At BSB Packaging we offer a range of take away containers, from standard cardboard boxes to stylish clamshell designs. Browse our food containers online and find the option best fits your business.

Environmentally Friendly Take Away Containers

Our cardboard containers are made with 100% natural materials, meaning they are easy to recycle and break down quickly if they end up in landfill. At BSB packaging we take pride in providing environmentally friendly packaging solutions. With so much ending up in landfill, we took steps to change this. Carboard poses little threat to the environment and is both easier to produce and store than plastic. If you're looking for a green storage and packaging solution for your business, cardboard is the right choice.

Improve Your Customer's Experience

Our cardboard take away containers are designed to hold you food safely and securely. Use them to serve customers hot or cold food, or simply make your store's takeaway more visually appealing. For added effect, we offer custom printing on all our cardboard items, allowing you to print your branding, logo, design or anything else on your food containers when you place your order. Customise your customer's experience and build your brand image with custom packaging today. For more information on this service talk to our team.

Order Takeaway Containers Bulk and Save!

If you're looking for a specific storage solution for your business, the team at BSB Packaging can help you find what you're looking for. We stock a wide range of both plastic, paper and cardboard packaging solutions, and can help you find the perfect products to suit your needs. Talk to our team today for assistance or information on our products. Order food containers today and get delivery anywhere in Australia, with free delivery in Melbourne for orders over $200. Buy in bulk and save today!

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