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Sugarcane packaging

Our compostable sugarcane boxes - as the name suggests - are made from sugarcane. Once all the juice has been extracted from the pulp, the dry material or bagasse left behind is used to create various items including sugar plates, bowls and takeaway boxes. Our biodegradable sugarcane boxes are good for the environment as once used, they can be re-used and will finally decompose into non-toxic compounds by natural means. You can throw them in with your compost and in a couple of months, they'll have transformed into useable soil.

Additionally, our eco-friendly sugarcane boxes are strong, durable, and food grade safe. Unlike conventional plastic containers which were unstable and often had a terrible look, feel, and scent, these disposable sugarcane boxes are sturdy and lovely to use because of the high quality and natural strength of the sugarcane fibre. They are a great alternative for paper plates and bags as they are resistant to water and oil.

Our sugarcane boxes have no plastic or wax lining and are a far better option than polystyrene, plastic and paper products. The sugarcane boxes are completely compostable. These items will normally compost inside 30 days in a commercial composting facility and 90 days in a residential composting system.

Sugarcane boxes are versatile and can be used under various conditions including:

  • Suitable for hot and cold foods (not under direct fire)
  • Microwave safe
  • Compostable
  • Complies with Australian packaging standards

Both plastic and reused paper boxes can be wobbly, unsafe and inefficient. We're here to change all that. Our disposable sugarcane boxes and compostable sugarcane takeaway containers are exquisite, solid, reliable and pose no risk. Contact our sugarcane boxes specialists to learn more and to place bulk orders.

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